Cogito POP smart ur - elektrisk blå

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Cogito POP smart ur - elektrisk blå

Your style. Your digital life. Right on your wrist. COGITO POP combines fun and functionality, a connected watch designed expressly for the digital generation to fit your active, social lifestyle. Notifications appear, at a glance, directly on your wrist to provide a seamless link with those calls and messages most important to you.
COGITO POP merges classic analog movement with intuitive digital notifications, bringing together the power of a connected watch with the timeless appeal of a fashionable timepiece. LED icons on the watch face can alert you to an incoming call, an email or a message on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and more. The easy-to-use interface lets you manage not just calls, but also trigger your camera, control your music and locate your phone.

  • No recharge required: Forget the bulky chargers and tangled power cords. The low-energy consumption of Bluetooth Smart technology allows COGITO POP to run on a conventional button-cell battery without requiring a recharge.

  • Water resistance: COGITO POP is engineered to follow active users, especially in situations when the phone cannot be in your hands. With enhanced water resistance up to 10 ATM, the watch safely alerts you to calls and messages even in wet situations: under the shower, in the rain, on the beach and at the pool.

Varenummer 100306364
ID 000000009000197974-EA
Produkt dybde [mm] 14
Produkt højde [mm] 43
Produkt bredde [mm] 43
  • Cogito
  • Cogito
  • POP
Min. driftstemperatur
  • -20 °C
Maks. driftstemperatur
  • 55 °C
Understøttet mobilbeskedservice
  • SMS
  • Vandtæt
  • Besked om misset opkald
  • Find telefon-funktion
  • Batteriindikator
  • Opkaldshåndtering
  • Fjernstyring til kamera
  • Kalenderbesked
  • Fjernhåndtering af musik
  • SMS-besked
  • E-mailbesked
  • Japansk analog bevægelse
Understøttede Sociale Netværk og Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • 257 mm
Kommunikationer ~ Trådløs grænseflade
  • Bluetooth
Diverse ~ Vibratoralarm
  • Ja
Generelt ~ Produkttype
  • Smart ur
  • Blå
Maximum driftstemperatur
  • 55 °C
Minimum driftstemperatur
  • -20 °C
  • CW3.0-005-01
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